Monday, 11 March 2019

Doris goes to see Captain Marvel | FILM REVIEW

Hello dearies! 

I hear the new film that's 'hot on the block' recently is this Captain Marvel one, and little old Doris does like to be hip, trendy and down with the kids *throws the equivalent of a swagger sign* so decided to hop on the bandwagon and go along, booking myself in for the 12.00 (pm just to clarify) showing at the local cinema. I'm currently cutting down on the whole chocolate/cake/biscuits scene, so sneaked a small tub of Pringles into the cinema with me...I have to say, I felt like a bit of a rebel eating food that I'd bought from somewhere else whilst inside the cinema, it was an adrenaline rush! If you're wondering what flavour Pringles they were, I obviously chose the best ones aka sour cream and onion as I'm not some sort of monster. 

Anyway, I did buy one of those Tango Ice thingymabobs as I hear that's too what the cool kids like to have at the cinema. I could only have cherry though as the machine wasn't working properly, technology nowadays eh? I finally made my way into the cinema and sat in those awfully low chairs, oh I feel like I'm sat on the floor, when someone wanted to get past to their seat, you know how it is the awkward shuffle and lean and "oh sorry!" and "thank you ha ha" and it's all quite forced and you're weirdly close to complete strangers as you hold onto your chair for dear life and it is possibly the longest few seconds of your life? No? Just me then. 

Finally the film started. 

Captain Marvel is a warrior from Kree, some extraterrestrial place with fancy suits that don't look the easiest to use the bathroom in, and she happens to find herself in the middle of a big battle, which looked rather tiring may I add, between her people on Kree and the Skrulls. If all of this wasn't enough to deal with, whilst on earth she experiences odd flashbacks and recurring memories of a different life of US Air Force pilot, Carol Danvers. Help comes in the form of Nick Fury as she tries to recover her past and controlling these very cool superpowers. 

Once Carol Danvers realises who she is then there's no stopping her and when that moment comes you're sat in your seat punching the air in front of you (not quite as dramatically as in The Breakfast Club but still) willing her on to go and kick ass. Mind my language. I'm not going to say too much and give away any of those spoilers(!), but she is good at kicking said ass.

The film is a superhero movie, if you love superheroes then you're probably going to love it and if you don't then you can still enjoy it for what it is. It's a visually pleasing film with lots of fancy effects and whatnots, I'm not going to be technical because I can't but it looked cool. I'm a big believer in female empowerment and I think this film is brilliant for that, I hope there's many little dears who walk out of the cinema and want to be as powerful and cool as Captain Marvel. I mean maybe not all the different planet stuff because that could be a bit unsafe, you never know in this day and age... I think we could all take a leaf out of Carol's book (I think we're on first name basis now I've dedicated a post to her) in the scene where we see her be knocked down multiple times and get back up, ready to go again. Ooh, I was also a big fan of the shade of green of the Skrulls, I'd like a hat that colour. 

Doris's Rating: 8 cups of tea out of 10.

Cast: Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Jude Law as Yon-Rogg, Lashana Lynch as Maria, Ben Mendelsohn as Talos, and there's a cat!

Good day dearies, Doris x


Sunday, 3 March 2019


Hello Earthlings!

As I sit and type this I'm tucked up cosy in bed and listening to the wind batter everything in sight, and it doesn't matter that today I turned 20 because the wind still scares me so I'm still going to tuck up as tight as I can and try my best to ignore it after I've typed this. But, anyway! Hi.

Birthdays are a funny thing, you know they're going to happen and you know that you get older but they're a bit odd. When I was little, I looked forward to being a teenager which in itself is completely barmy (maybe I'm the only one intimidated by groups of teenagers...), and I always thought "13 is such a grown up age!!!" because 6 year old me was clearly clueless. I remember a particular time where I stood looking out of my bedroom window, in the house I lived in as a young child, wistfully into the distance (you know like they do on films where it gets to a real deep moment?) and couldn't wait for 13 to arrive so I could be a "grown up". Maybe we're only limited to a handful of those staring out of the window looking all sad and Hollywood in our lives and I wasted one of them on wishing I was 13. Honestly Lia.

13 came around and I was probably your typical 13 year old (back in the 2012 days and not Fortnite era), my birthday cake probably summed it up as it was a personalised One Direction cake. I was a Harry Styles kinda girl, but obviously he wasn't quite up there with Justin Bieber who I was that obsessed with I can still tell you the time he was born and recite the Never Say Never film word for word. I probably definitely thought I was a grown up and obviously cooler than younger me who had a flashing Hannah Montana scooter which I used to scoot down the hill on and then sit on at the bottom and try and push myself back up the hill. Why, you ask? I'd love to know. Anyway, as my teenage years went on I realised I wasn't really that much of a grown up and still needed lots of help with everything.

Then 18 and 19 came along and so did phone bills, car insurance, uni and the scariest of all...going into the dentist without my mum, and I realised that yeah I'm growing up and all that jazz. Not growing up in the sense of all serious and blah de blah because I can guarantee, that will never happen as I don't like taking myself too seriously. So, I'm just still gonna be an oddball but I'm happy with that! Obviously I knew 20 was going to arrive it just seems a bit mad that it has.

For example, when I turned 10 I was all "ooh the next decade I'm going to hit is 20 and that's all weird but a bit cool" then boom 20 arrives and it's suddenly the next decade is 30 and that's way too grown up. Am I meant to have my life together by then? Will I finally participate in "self-care" by then? Will I still put a tonne of pressure on myself to complete 240758 tasks in one day? Who knows? Because I do not which scares me and excites me all at the same time.

I hope that in my twenties... I never stop learning because my whole education experience will be over during this time and I don't want to ever stop learning new things.

I hope that in my twenties... I make decisions that will make myself happy, I always make decisions based on what I think other people want me to do and I think I need to stop that and decide what will benefit me.

I hope that in my twenties... I go on lots of new adventures, near and far and always appreciate the amazing countryside I'm so lucky to live close to.

I hope that in my twenties... I manage to do some "grown up" things that kind of terrify me but bring loads of new opportunities and exciting chapters.

I hope that in my twenties... I don't lose my appreciation for the simple things in life, like daffodils and "drive safe" texts and laughing a lot over silly things.

I hope that in my twenties... I continue doing the things I love and appreciate every opportunity I get.

I hope that in my twenties... I am happy. 

I've had the loveliest birthday weekend, I'm surrounded by so many incredible people who I love dearly and I'm so very lucky.

Welcome to my twenties!

Lots of love, Lia x


Sunday, 3 February 2019

FILM REVIEW - How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

I'll admit in terms of the How to Train Your Dragon films I'm a bit rusty, in fact very rusty as I have never seen the first one...or the second one. But I decided to go along and see the 3rd one as I'd heard about the hype surrounding it and thought "why not". The kids watching the film were probably less annoying than some of the parents, yes I'm talking to you the woman two rows in front who scrolled through Facebook and your Snapchat stories for half the film, 104 minutes is not a long time to go without social media - maybe give it a go! 

I'm sure I'd have understood bits of the film more if I'd seen the other two but I wouldn't deem it as one of those films that make no sense without watching the first in the series. So, don't worry if you have no dragon knowledge and get dragged along to see it. 

Hiccup discovers that his dragon Toothless isn't the only remaining Night Fury, and he must find "The Hidden World" that his father always spoke about when he was younger for the dragons to be safe. Whilst Hiccup and the other Berk-ians are searching for The Hidden World, they're being hunted for their dragons by Grimmel, who's been hired to get rid of the dragons. Will Hiccup manage to find the secret dragon paradise before the enemies?

An underlying theme within the film is about growing up, adapting to change and ultimately letting go. It seems to be the perfect finale for this much loved trilogy, as there's a sense of sadness and happiness. A particular thing I loved is that Astrid, Hiccup's eventual wife (spoiler, sorry) isn't just a female character who goes along with what her partner does, she questions, she has her thoughts and ultimately she's fierce, which is definitely something I approve of. 

I recommend going to see How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, if you want a quieter experience then maybe wait until it's been out a while however I wouldn't like to say when is the best to avoid the social media obsessed. 

Lia's Rating: 4 out of 5 

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Monday, 21 January 2019

Teenage Cancer Trust Volunteering

Hi Earthbugs!

I have returned to some sort of normality post Christmas and am back at university and all that fun stuff so I thought, what better time for a new blog post? 

I've vowed to myself to push myself out of my comfort zone more, not so much as a new year's resolution but more a lifestyle change, and take opportunities when I can and that basically sets the scene for this post. I was scrolling through Facebook a few weeks ago and saw an advert for volunteers to collect money at a Young Voices event in Sheffield for Teenage Cancer Trust. I put myself out there and signed up, I love volunteering and helping others so I thought "what could go wrong?". I received all my confirmation emails, my t-shirt, where I had to be at what time and was excited. 

Until the day came and then the crippling fear of "what if I do something wrong?" "what if people look at me and go why is she here?" "what if I'm not needed?" and a thousand other what ifs that terrified me. I guess you could say I'm a what if-er, and that tends to prevent me from signing myself up for these kind of things or anything that pushes me remotely out of my comfort zone. I very nearly stayed in the car but I opened the door, told myself to stop being stupid and in true Lia style, tripped up over my own feet and walked over the Fly DSA arena to the meeting point. Admittedly, I'm clueless with directions and had no clue where the meeting point was but when I saw a group of people wearing Teenage Cancer Trust t-shirts I figured I'd found the right place. 

I stood there awkwardly in a group until everyone was there and were then taken to our suites, I know that is very fancy, where we were able to watch some of the show before having to get ready to go and collect money as everyone left. The event was Young Voices, it's basically a big school choir full of different schools and many, many children. I'm talking well into the thousands, every night. There's so many songs for them to learn and dance along to and they all perform them together for their family and friends. It was really good singing along with the kids! There's also special guests, I was slightly gutted that I missed Tony Hadley as he came on stage just as we left our suite. But it was so sweet watching everyone have a really good time, I kind of wanted to put them in a bubble so they stayed in that moment forever because I don't know about anyone else, but primary school days were the best days in terms of my school life and I really hope they all remember the good time they had performing as part of the Young Voices concerts for a very long time.

The collecting money bit was quite simple, stand there smile and say thank you! People were very generous and it was lovely to see. I let the side down though as someone went to throw a pound in and I failed at attempting to catch it so had to dodge the feet to pick it up and add it to my bucket. I received an email the day after with the total of how much we had raised that night and it was a phenomenal amount which was amazing. Just from one night and there were other nights and other volunteers so it's really great. 

Money raised for Teenage Cancer Trust is essential so they can continue all of the amazing work that they do, and when there's 7 young people diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK there needs to be work done to help. Teenage Cancer Trust have provided 28 specialist units across the UK as a home away from home for young people receiving treatment along with this they've funded specialist nurses and youth support coordinators to support these young people, they've reached 118,000 young people to educate them about cancer and have made 185 Hair 4 U wigs. That's just a start. They do incredible work and we should support them where we can. 

I had a brilliant time volunteering for Teenage Cancer Trust and would happily do it again. 

Until next week,
Lia x 

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

Hello Earthbugs!

I'm back and hopefully this upcoming year will be a lot better post wise than 2018, if I tell you the truth I don't really know what happened. Quite a few times during 2018 I felt all out of sorts and not really motivated to do anything, which for me is horrible because I thrive off having a goal to get and so on. Writing has always been a passion of mine and my blog allows me to have my own little space on the internet which I have always loved the idea of so 2019 is definitely the year that I attempt to throw myself back into blogging. I hope you're happy to come along on that journey with me!

I decided to combine the goodbye 2018 post and hello 2019 post instead of doing separate posts this time, so feel free to grab yourself a cup of tea or something stronger if you like and let's go.


I think I can safely say that 2018 hasn't been the year for my family, we have gone through a lot of battles and hard times and somehow come out of the other side. I'd say it's definitely made us stronger and we are ready for a fresh year with new possibilities. I'm not going to go into anymore detail about those struggles but I'm so proud of us.

On a personal level, I'm also proud of how I didn't give up on university. This time last year, I was so glad to not be at uni and I was struggling and I hated it. I wanted to drop out. I didn't want to go back for semester 2 because as far as I was concerned it was not worth it at all, but thanks to the encouragement of my Mum who said "stick it out until you've been there a year and then decide" so I stuck it out. Now, I'm half way through my degree and I don't hate it. I've thrown myself into a department rep role where I have to attend many meetings and use my own brain (terrifying, I know) and voice my opinions. All things that absolutely terrified me and I didn't think I'd be able to do, but I'm doing it. I have a wonderful set of friends who are truly brilliant people and I appreciate them so much and so far this year, I'm getting better grades than last year which makes me very happy. So well done Lia.

Another thing I've learnt is that when people show you their true colours, don't try and change them and hide them because you can't. Unfortunately people surprise you in ways that sometimes aren't what you expected and you learn the hard way what really matters to people. In some cases you just cut them off because you really don't need to deal with that and in other cases, you have to put those colours aside and be the bigger person because sometimes things aren't straight forward and people need you to be there. You can get angry, in fact you can get furious but you have to make a decision how you're going to deal with that and that's a difficult lesson I've learnt this year.

I've done some amazing things in 2018, let's start international... I've been to Halkidiki and let me tell you it's gorgeous there, I found a love of Greek food and even got told that my name was spelt right (NEVER HAPPENS), I've been to a beautiful wedding in Spain and made some brilliant memories and met new people and I've explore the Cologne Christmas markets and found more incredible food. On home turf: I've been to a murder mystery weekend with my Mum, toured the Harry Potter Studio Tours with my Dad, experienced Neighbourhood Weekender and Tramlines music festivals with my boyfriend, explored York and Stratford upon Avon, I've FINALLY seen Arctic Monkeys live, danced to Little Mix with my Mum, did the Sparkle Walk with some fab people, I did a marathon over the month of May for British Heart Foundation, attended a drive in cinema to watch Pretty Woman. But one of my favourite memories from this year is in July when my family went up to Blackpool to celebrate a family wedding and we were reunited with relatives from near and far and made some amazing memories. It's a weekend I'll treasure for a very long time.

I'm still learning that it's okay to not be motivated all the time, I'm still learning ways to battle procrastination, I'm still learning ways to battle personal issues that I'm not comfortable to discuss yet on my blog but I struggle with them a great deal. Overall, I'm a work in progress and going into 2019 with things I want to do and goals I want to achieve makes me happy and optimistic for the future.

The biggest thing I would say that I have learnt this year is that I am so horrible to myself. I would never every make any other being feel as terrible as I do myself and I feel like that's something that I definitely need to work on. I put myself under so much pressure to do a load of things that I don't end up doing in the time frame I've given myself and then I'm horrible and beat myself up (not physically obviously) about it for ages, and when I've done something its a constant "but you didn't do that". So I want to work really hard on improving my relationship with myself in 2019.

Onto 2019...

The main thing I need to work on is time management and then I can do many things, some of which include: being more creative and making pretty things, exploring new places near and far, cooking more, writing more.

I need to look after myself more in 2019. I'm not good with the whole self care thing and put myself under lots of pressure and think I can do everything without stopping. I cannot do that and definitely need to look after myself more.

I'd like to continue trying to help people as much as I can and use my voice to have my input on topics that are important and I'd like to spread the word of kindness and how we can all do our bit.

Oh, and I've signed up to do the Great North Run for Bowel Cancer UK so I shall be posting updates of how training and such goes for that!

I love a New Year and the view of a fresh start and 365 new opportunities so I can't wait to get started.

Happy New Year my lovelies! Let's make 2019 wonderful.

All my love,
Lia x


Monday, 10 December 2018

Blogmas 2018: Town Centres

Hello Elflings,

Before I post my Cologne Christmas market post I decided to break it up a bit with a post that I wrote last week but like an idiot, forgot to actually post. So here you go!

My next Blogmas post is one for the town centres.

I hate to admit that I rarely go into my town centre, I always seem to be busy or doing something else and don't "get the time". Last week I went into Chesterfield town centre to get my hair cut and that was all.

But whilst I was walking through town I decided to take a diversion through the market. I can't say I have a lot of knowledge on what days are market days and what days aren't that busy etc. but that day there were loads and there was so many lovely things and a proper sense of community around. All illuminated by the pretty twinklies lighting the town.

As I wrote this I was sat in an independent coffee shop that does amazing food and drinks, if you're from Chesterfield then you'll know where I mean when I say Qoozies. I sat and thought of all the independent businesses still battling through the decline of town centres, Chesterfield has many independent businesses and it's fair share of big mainstream shops like Primark etc.

In a very organised manner, this year I have finished all my Christmas shopping very early and I wish I'd waited a bit and gone as local as I could have but I got too carried away. There's a major convenience factor involved when it comes to Christmas shopping and doing a lot of it online, you don't have to battle your way through the queues or go out in the cold and you don't have to think "ahh, shops are shutting soon better hurry up!!". I agree. I'm too fond of utilising this tool.

But some of you will not have finished your Christmas shopping yet and if one of those people is you then I encourage you to please go to your town centre and have a look around everything, look when your market day is or if there's any festive markets coming up. Help the small businesses out. As part of my New Years resolutions I am going to make a conscious effort to visit my town centre more often and support local businesses.

If we all supported a bit more then we'd make a huge difference. As I sit and look around the empty shops and such in Chesterfield, I know that if my Nan was around to see it then she'd be gutted and it's probably the same with a lot of the older generation, it should be the same for the younger generation as well. I for one don't want to come to Chesterfield town centre in 10 years and there be nothing left.

An addition to this post, in Cologne when looking for food I saw lots of McDonald's and thought to myself "No I'm going to support a market stall or a coffee shop not some big chain whilst I'm in a new place", which is all well and good. But I then thought to myself, "why on earth do I not have this mentality at home?". So, I am going to from now on and shop independent where I can.

Thank you for reading my ramble and I hope you take something from it!

Till next time,
Lia x


Saturday, 1 December 2018

Blogmas 2018: Day 1


For future reference in every post from now to Christmas Earthbugs is out the window and Elflings is being used. So we shall start again...


It's the most beautiful time of the year and I'm so excited and I love Christmas and oh, I'm so stocked up on Christmas joy there's a chance that I might explode. Welcome. I've done Blogmas for a few years now and I'm doing it a bit different this year, I'm not posting every day as I'll be posting every few days as I have lots to do with uni deadlines and whatnot and want to make sure the posts are as fab and festive as they can be.

If you know me personally then you'll know that I adore Christmas. I love things getting festive in shops and when the Christmas songs start playing, I love all the gift wrap and the lights that are so twinkly and beautiful, I love buying people gifts that I get so excited about because I know they'll love them, I love things just seem more jolly and I love trying to make as many people happy as I can at any time of the year, and I basically just transform into a little elf at Christmas so buckle up buddies.

I love all of that but what I love the most is the simplest of it all. I love how its a time for families to come together and spend time as one, catching up on the year and eating a lot. It's a time for love to spread around like confetti. It's the time where little moments matter the most and I for one, love it. Christmas for me is nothing without my family and the people I love around me.

This December I'm going to be taking part in a different kind of advent calendar as well. It's called Do Good December and it's full of simple ways that we can all help spread joy this year. As Buddy says, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. Here it is... It's by Action for Happiness and I think it's wonderful.

Another simple way you can help spread joy this Christmas is through this little website right HERE which shows you a little video about how you can help an old persons Christmas 10x better this year just by writing them a letter. I'm a bit of an old soul and adore handwritten letters so I cannot wait to participate in this!

I hope you're ready for a wonderful month!
All my love,

Lia the elf x
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